Retirement Planning: How to Plan for a Successful Retirement

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           The need of money for every person Varies time according to time, We have different needs of money in different stages of life, And it is necessary to make this plan.  

Now look at your life and write 5 or 10 events which are coming  in short time, which is going to get big money from your pocket, Such as childrens studies, their marriage, a big house, a big car, a world tour etc. write down all that is in your plan, it is such incidents that will bring you big money from your pocket. some of them are fixed like childrens study, their marriage, and some are your dreams. It is a good thing to see this dream, but unless it has not a plan to complete it, it will remain a dream.

Keep In Mind: To make this retirement plan you will feel a little crazy but when you bring it into action in everyday plans, then you will know the true strength of this plan.

 1)  The First Part Of This Plan:-    

Decide how many rupees you need to get in your next life every month. Everyones needs are different. 

  Ø First Need:-                  

  There is a way of living your life right now which is called your life style, such as going to eat food at a hotel once every month, going to a movie, party or whatever, you have your own life style. The question is \" How much money do you need now to live your life style every month? \" Write on paper. Now every year dearness increases and some hobbies will also increase, keeping in mind all these things will increase the cost of your every month of the next year.

In the next year, to keep your life style good, every month, you need more money than this year, right ?  Considering the countrys GDP, the income of every person should be increased by at least 10%, so that he can maintain his life style of last year. Keeping all this things in mind, from todays removes estimated expenses up to 40 years.

You will know that to maintain my life style, it is estimated that some crores will be required. If you look at your total then you will think that  will I ever earn so much money ? It is possible because your income is going to increase with dearness each year and in 2030 you will also be working according to that year.


  Ø Second Need:-

.In family Childrens education and their wedding expenses is about to happen, Every year the cost of education will also increase and when they have to get married then keeping in mind that time, some lacs or even carore will be spent. Lets also get an idea of ​​how many rupees you need to get in all these things. Even here, write your expenses keeping in view the future expense. And finally do not be confused by seeing the total Because this is the expense that is going to come , my brother. And you have to manage from anywhere , and you will do it. 


Ø Third Need:-  

Fulfill your dreams. Every man hoping for that and working hard, dream house, dream car, foreign tour, help to poor , social service etc. Most humans complete first two needs by any how. But this is the third need which is necessary for life to live happily or to live life in real ways , can not fulfill it. That is why I have kept it in retirement planning because I believe in this life we ​​will be happy to retire only when we can do something for oth

ers. And to do something for others, you have to make more money than your own needs.It has to be planned.   


 All are calculate this three needs.  


2)  The Second Part Of This Plan:- 


Fix The Date Of Retirement Date.  

 Ø Decide from today, in how many years do you want to retire ?  In 5-10 or 15 years?

 Ø What will be the date of your retirement? Write now.


For example, if your answer is 10 years then it will have to do something like this in 10 years, after 10 years, you can earn enough money to fulfill all your needs. For this, make your retirement script. Write, in this 10 years and even after….  

Ø Earnings of rupee every month. 

Ø Earnings of rupee every Year.

Ø Rupees in bank account.

Ø Rupees in LIC,PPF,Bond etc.

Ø Rupees in mutual fund,sher market.

Ø Companies will be yours.

Ø You will be a partner with companies.  

Etc, Which you want. 

To get this , work in three stage.

 1)  What  will you do in first two Years?

See the expenditure of each month for the first two years. Any major event coming up in these two years, such as starting a business or the child is completing 10th class and coming in 12th, Or an event that is going to cost a little more or needs more money. Now make a permanent arrangement from today to earn such income. At the same time, for these 2 years, some short-term investments that have to be started from today and also make some investments for the next 8 years. 

2) What will you do in 3 to 6 years? 

At the time of 3 to 6 years, see that how much expenditure on each month, Any major events coming in these 3 to 6 years, such as big investment in business,  or to start another business, or if the child is coming to college by completing 12th class or an event that is more expensive or more money is needed. Now make a permanent arrangement from today to earn such income. At the same time, for these 3 to 6 years, some medium-term investments that have to be started from today and after this, for the next 4 years, make some investments, which will enable you to retire with financial independence for 10 years.

 3)What will you do in 7 to 10 years? 

See how much the expenditure will be for 7 to 10 years, any major events coming in these 7 to 10 years, such as investing big in the business or starting another business or having childrens wedding expenses or any such event Which is more expensive or more money is needed. Now make a permanent arrangement from today to earn such income. At the same time, for the next 4 years, some long-term investments that have to be started from today and between 7 to 10 years of this kind of planning will have to be done that when you retire, every month You have come as much as you thought.  We have just made plans now, to make this plan possible, use the rules given in the coming episodes. Expand your property to fulfill this retirement plan, expand your business. because seeing all this cost you must have come to your mind that just by doing a job it is not possible, so if you are working then start thinking about a business right now and if you do business, then Start thinking to increase it. 

Secrets:-  Decide for retirement, plan for retirement, and visualize it every day.